What is a Wood Duck Anyways?

Simply put, a wood duck is one of the most, if not second most popular hunted duck in North America. The only bird that is hunted and shot more is the mallard. Anyone who has gone duck hunting can attest to the fact the mallard is usually the easiest duck to hunt, with it’s slow speed and slow reflexes. The only thing about the wood duck that makes it second is that is more beautiful of a bird and therefore has adapted to being noticed more and has evolved to be more cautious to hunters.

What do I need to know about wood ducks?

There is a lot of information out there about wood ducks but not all of it is accurate unfortunately. One of the most important things you can know is that they are seasonal and when you plan on hunting them can change their mood and therefore the methods you should use to hunt them.

What kind of house do they need?

Wood ducks typically nest in woodland areas that have long lakes, rivers & wetland areas. The wood duck is measured by a lot of bird watchers as the most colorful waterfowl variety. It is significant to save from harm the wood duck’s environment and assist provide it with nesting sites.

A nest box be supposed to be constructed of a weather-resistant wood for instance, cedar. The wood can be tinted, discolored or treated but only on the exterior surface.

The box you want to use should simply be a rectangle. You can use a pole that has been galvanized. A steel fencepost, or a two-inch metal.

The entrance hole should be no greater than four inches in diameter or an oval that is about three inches high.That shape and size would be pretty much the perfect size for a wood duck.

Any pole you mount should be boxed and placed into a shady location. If it’s exposed to direct sunlight it might become too hot for their eggs to survive. If you use white paint and vent holes it would naturally be cooler.

Wood ducks can be highly secretive and selective when they choose a nesting location. You should locate your box in a secluded area near water or perhaps over the water.

You can find out more informations about wood ducks at: Wood Duck [http://www.woodduckshop.com]

Source by Bralynn Bell

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