Understanding Unrequited Love

People try so hard to be fair with each other, but still end up inside the same pit wherein they are reminded that life is unfair. A cliché it is.

In fact, this world will never be balanced without this virtual imbalance. You wouldn’t be able to determine who’s the fairest of them all without seeing ugly ducklings. You wouldn’t be able to tell he’s rich unless you see how thicker his wallet is than yours. Scientists wouldn’t have been able to tell that Pluto isn’t a planet after all if they didn’t compare its size to the other planets. You won’t know if someone likes you unless you compare the way he or she treats you with the way he or she treats others.

There will be no judgments when the world is without comparison. Try to imagine a world wherein everyone’s similar, same physical attributes same attitudes, same status or class. How would people make norms in that kind of situation?

In the side of love, everything they say about it is real and true. Love is like questions in the rising inflection. It can be answered with a “Yes” or a “No”, a “Do” or a “Don’t”. You need to be fair but you’re not, not because you can’t, but because fairness brings inequity, unwillingly, and even unconsciously. Pretty confusing, yes, and for you to understand it completely, here’s an angle of love which people find the most painful. It’s called “unrequited love”, or love unreturned.

Unrequited love is when you love someone who won’t love you back. Well, in the case of idolization, it’s obsession you’re feeling, and no, Brad Pitt is not coming out of that poster to kiss you back. Love of this kind, unreciprocated, is just like masochism. It makes you ask the question “Why?” more than 2 times in 5 minutes. It makes you curse, damn everything you see.

Many people are victims of this kind of love. Many even commit suicide because the person they love is in love with someone else. Ending one’s own life won’t make things any better. It will only end the suffering but it is a nonsensical cause of death. People who have done this only thought about their misfortunes, rather than counting their blessings.

It’s impossible to be unloved, but people are never contented with what they have. They always want something in return. That’s why they created the term unrequited love. They would never have thought about that if they were pleased in giving without counting the costs. Nothing’s free, even freedom itself. You have to bail yourself out of prison just to be free. Good thing, everyone is free to give love to whomever they please. However, it won’t guarantee you that they’ll love you back, because they are also free to choose whoever they want to love.

Life is indeed unfair, and that’s the very reason why life is fair. When everyone is beautiful, no one is. When everyone’s rich, no one is. When everyone’s smart, no one is. But love is an exception to the rule. When everyone loves, “everyone” loves.

Now, the very reason why life is unfair is because people are never satisfied. If you were just satisfied in giving love, and not expecting anything in return, then there will be no such thing as unrequited love, but it’s already out there, so all you have to do is let it lie, because this world is in balance because of this imbalance. This imbalance is thought to be balance by those people who understand the true meaning of love.

Source by Daphne S. Martinez

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