The Top 10 Baby Shower Party Themes

Anyone planning a baby shower will definitely want to know the top 10 adorable themes. It will help when thinking of a theme that will be acceptable to just about everybody and may serve as a springboard for a more personalized and unique baby shower.

One of the classic and ever-adorable themes would be the color-based showers. The usual would be pink or blue but for a gender-neutral theme, a choice of green or aqua may be preferable. Primary colors would be great as well, either in solo with white or in combination.

Animal babies are always a favorite, which may be why the Disney baby theme is a popular one. Any mommy-to-be would love to travel down memory lane and revisit these favorite childhood characters as babies. As a group, it would be a wonderful non-gender baby shower theme but each cartoon character could be the star of a gender-specific shower if that would be a choice.

Next in the long line of favorite animal babies are the ducklings, and the rubber duckie in particular. It's a happy yellow theme that would easily lend itself to related showers like a bed and bath or simply a bath shower where everything, including the gifts, would be related to either sleeping or bathing necessities.

One of the sweetest baby animals must be the bunny. Fluffy bunnies are easily put into the starring role when an Easter-themed baby shower is desired but a Spring shower could have the bunny as an icon, too. Many favorite childhood books star bunnies as well, like Aesop's "The Tortoise and the Hare."

The fuzzy yellow chick is another Easter / Spring favorite and is easily made into a favor with those fluffy yellow Peepers. The little chick itself can be the entire theme or it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to have eggs and chicks mixed together, either.

Although frogs may lean more towards a baby boy's shower rather than a baby girl's, if the right form is found, it would be perfect for either gender. It's also nice for a spring or summer theme, a bathing beauties shower, or even an interpretation of "The Frog Prince?" And what could be a cuter motif than a frog on a lily pad?

The little monkey is always popular. Why not use them as the main star when planning a Jungle themed baby shower? A Rainforest shower theme could star the monkey as well. The ever popular "George the Monkey" children's book series can always be drafted into action.

Moving away from baby animals, the sweet pea baby shower could be interpreted in many different ways. Multiply to Peas in a Pod for multiple births to sweet peas as the flower or even the vegetable!

Sports are great, no matter the gender, especially if a couples' or daddy's baby shower is in the making. With sports as a whole with a specific sport in mind, any parent would be amused with this theme.

What could be more sentimental than a heritage shower? Plan around the parents' mother countries and showcase their ancestors. It's a great theme when family wants to get into the act, too.

Source by Jamie Highland

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