The Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof

The metal roof has been increasing in popularity over the past two decades, as it has gone from being the ugly duckling of roof choices, to now coming in an increasing number of colorful styles. Everywhere you look online, it seems that people only have positive things to say about them.

What are the Ups and Downs of a Metal Roof?

So then what are the actual pros, and cons of this type of roofing system when compared side by side to other more conventional systems such as a built up hot tar roof. After all, just like anything else, there has to be both the ups and the downs of this type of roof.

They Tend to be Rather Expensive

The first down side of metallic building covering systems, is that they tend to be among the most expensive. Costs generally run anywhere between $150, and $600 per square, depending on type, and style, and you really can’t save any money by installing one yourself. They have to be installed by a professional.

They are Cheaper Over the Long Term

Now one upside, is that in spite of the higher initial cost, they tend to be one of the cheaper roofs over the long term. So how can this be so? The reasons are simple, and they start out with the fact that they last for decades while other more conventional systems last for years. In fact most metal roofs are warrantied for a full 50 years.

In a Hundred Years You may Have to Do Some Maintenance

One more cost cutting factor, is they don’t leak. Now of course after century or so, some of the connectors may begin to degrade, and leak but they can be easily repaired. Besides you won’t even be around then. Those things will be some other persons problems to deal with.

They are a Lot Cooler Too

Still one more plus for a metal roof, is that they can be installed directly over composition, and built up roofs. This means no messy tear off, and the added expense that it brings. This type of roof is also cooler, and in fact studies have shown that this system can cut the amount of heat coming into your home through the ceiling by as much as 40%

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