Mandarin Ducks Symbolism and Meaning in Feng Shui

The mandarin duck, known in Chinese as ‘Yuan yang’, has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful birds. In the world of Feng Shui, these animals are used for relationship healing purposes. Mandarin ducks are recognized as strong symbols of a long-lasting relationship.

If you observe in the natural habitat, the male and female are always together and it is very rare you will see one that is all alone. Legend tells that when mandarin duck finds a partner, it will stick to its partner for the rest of its life and if they are ever separated, those two will pine for each other and then will soon die of loneliness.

And because of this, these beautiful ducks became popular feng shui symbol used to cure relationships problem. Having figurines or pictures of ‘Yuan yang’ in your home is believed to be able to enhance your love life. People who are unlucky in their love life or those who are single and searching for a partner, you can use these ducks as Feng Shui cures. These lovely animals is said to strengthen the togetherness of the husband and wife (or unmarried lovers) and also help them achieve marital bliss.

Being known as the effective remedies for love, fidelity, devotion and marriage luck, the feng shui mandarin ducks should be displayed in the South West portion of your house or South West portion of your bedroom. These faithful ducks will allow its owner or people near it to emit a strong love chi. And this can also make them more attractive and lovable to their potential partner. As for married couple, these Mandarin ducks will also give a strong love chi to keep them happy and make them love each other more deeply.

Source by Susan Wong

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