How to Do Natural Teeth Whitening

People with shiny white teeth are very attractive. Seeing their smiles with those pearly whites is enough reason to admire them. In some cases, it becomes a venue for us to envy them. This maybe good especially if it motivates us to improve ourselves. There seems to be nothing wrong with taking care of your personal hygiene. If this can fill the void that will help you gain confidence, then by all means, do everything that can help whiten your teeth.

They say that anything natural is good. No harmful chemicals that can certainly destroy or damage your teeth. In this age of major medical advancements, are there still home remedies or natural ways to whiten teeth? The very popular laser treatment is very effective but it is not made affordable to ordinary people. There must be some natural teeth whitening procedures that can provide hope to many individuals who have developed an ugly duckling syndrome just because they have yellowish or discoloration in their teeth.

One of the old practices that naturally whitens teeth is by mixing a dash of salt, a few drops of white vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda. You can use this as a toothpaste. Once your done, you need to use your regular toothpaste to rinse and remove the smell of vinegar.

One can use mashed strawberries or orange peel. All you have to do is rub the strawberries or orange peel on your teeth. These fruits have natural whitening agents and their acids help in cleaning the teeth’s plaque and stains.

Another natural teeth whitening practice is the use of wood ash. This is the same thing that you see in your fireplace. Make sure it is pure wood ash though, not coal ash! This maybe unconventional but the ash contains potassium hydroxide or lye which whitens teeth naturally. Just be careful not to use soft wood ash because this does not contain lye.

You can also do this procedure. Make sure you brush your teeth really good. After that, you need to get a white wash cloth and pour some extra virgin olive oil on it. The next step is to scrub the cloth on your teeth. This may sound weird but it works perfectly in helping to whiten teeth.

Source by Marty Rubenski

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