Home Decor Wreaths: Brightening Your Home With Greenery

Despite what many people think wreaths are not just for the holidays. In fact, wreaths can be used in a variety of places and ways in your home to create a warm atmosphere, add a touch of drama or to simply express the beauty of nature through out your home. Using home décor wreaths to enhance your home’s beauty is now easier than ever before.

Different Types of Decorative Wreaths To Choose From

You can choose from a variety of decorative wreaths to use in your home décor. There are many fresh, dried and silk wreaths available in a number of different styles, colors and even shapes that you can use to create stunning attention getting displays in your home while adding a touch of warmth and beauty to even the dullest of rooms. Here are just a few ways that home décor wreaths can enhance the look and atmosphere of your home.

Using Decorative Wreaths As Part Of A Wall Grouping

There are a variety of ways you can use home décor wreaths as part of a wall grouping to enhance the beauty of an entire room. Try placing a large wreath in the center of a large empty wall in your living or dining room and then place narrow oval or rectangle mirrors on either side of it to create an entirely new look to your wall. Instead of using mirrors, why not use candles to bring a more romantic touch to that dining room wall.

Of course, if you are wanting a more exciting and unique look to your wall placing a large home décor wreath over a round mirror will give a natural frame to the mirror while adding a bit of drama to the room. Placing candles or unique wall art on either side of the wreath mirror will add more detail and attention to your grouping without making it look overly busy or fussy.

Another stunning and unique look would be to place a large oval mirror in the center of the wall and flank the mirror with smaller heart shaped wreaths for a more old fashioned yet, elegant look to that wall.

Using Home Décor Wreaths in Unexpected Ways

Of course, one of the benefits of using decorative wreaths in decorating your home is that you can use wreaths in unexpected ways to create some stunning home creations. Need a centerpiece for any occasion? A wreath can fit the bill. Why not use a decorative wreath as part of the centerpiece for Easter by placing a wreath in the center of the table and filling it with brightly colored eggs. For a more whimsical touch, instead of eggs try placing a small stuffed rabbit in the center of the wreath or place the wreath on a mirror and have rubber ducklings swimming on a mirrored pond.

Thanksgiving centerpieces can easily be made placing a pumpkin inside a fall decorative wreath to add a touch of glamour to simple centerpiece.

You can use home décor wreaths to compliment the changing of the seasons or to bring out the color of your sofa or bedspread. Placing wreaths on bathroom doors adds a touch of elegance and charm to any bathroom while a lovely wreath placed in a bedroom can make the room more romantic and inviting.

Home décor wreaths can be used in a variety of other ways as well. Simply apply a little imagination and let the ideas flow.

Source by Nicole Roberts

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