Having Sex With Adonis

Having sex with Adonis can be seen as the ULTIMATE in the dream world of sexual experiences, but is it true in reality as well?

In Greek mythology (the originally Phoenician god) Adonis is the young and extremely sexy lover of Venus. She fell in love with his perfectly shaped and young athletic body, but their love was short lived. Adonis’s perfect body was pierced by a wild boar while hunting. Venus heard his cries and came to her lover who unfortunately died in her arms. Just to let your gay-glands shiver a little bit more: Upon his death Venus sprinkled nectar over his blood and the combination produced the variety of Anemone flowers.

Adonis might be the perfect example of a god for homosexuals, because Venus was not the only woman who adored Adonis. On the island of Lesbos, no less, young girls developed a full religion around the death of Adonis. It might be the death of Adonis that drove them into each others arms. While the death of Adonis is related to the origins of lesbianism, it is the life and physique of Adonis that made men quiver for each other. Both mythology and literature shows hints of homosexuality around Adonis. In Shakespeare’s version of the story it isn’t clear whether it is the butch-ness of Venus or the feminine love between Adonis and his male friends that ultimately caused his death.

In psychology the Adonis complex is related to Anorexia and Bulimia. The Adonis Complex can be seen as the opposite of Anorexia. In Anorexia a person believes they are fat (have a false body image) even if there is nothing left between the skin and the bone. In the Adonis Complex the body image is exactly the opposite, a person believe he is skinny even though he has the perfect muscles and body tone. Where Anorexia is a typical female complex, the Adonis complex is more common amongst males. A guy would exercise his muscles even though he already looks like a young gorilla. He will have this abnormal self- body image of a skinny male while he is already built like a mountain. You could say that both Anorexia and the Adonis complex are the products of our society, which merits physical attractiveness far above intellect or personality.

Which brings me back to my original question: Having sex with Adonis might be the ideal sexual experience in our dreams, but is it true in reality? Is it sexually fulfilling to have sex with Narcissus, the mythological figure who fell in love with his own reflection in water? Is it really such an experience to have sex with a man who can care less about you and worships his own body? Personally, I feel if you’re in love with your self, stick to masturbation.

Our over the top emphasis on physical beauty leaves us empty, shallow, depressed and alone. If the physical is all you care for, you might as well make love to Adonis, after his death. Nobody is denying the pleasurable addiction to eye chocolates. Your eye-chocolates might be the perfectly shaped male biceps, the next guy might be addicted to a 6-8 pack torso, my ultimate eye-chocolate is a perfectly shaped ass; it drives me wilder than a rhinoceros horn. Yet, who wants to end up with only an ass in your life? I’m not suggesting that we should pretend as if physical beauty is nothing; I’m not suggesting that we let ourselves go; I’m merely stating that a perfectly shaped ass will leave you with little more than a fart to talk to.

I must admit that I struggle to be turned on by the ugly duckling, fat Humpty Dumpty or ancient Molwa standing naked in front of me, but I will rather have a man with less muscles than brain cells compared to the village idiot with a sexy ass. And there we are today, closer to caricatured heterosexual love than ever in history. Homosexuals were the royal elite, the gifted artists and the intellectual creme De la creme in the society of yesteryear. And today? Today I get the impression that every second gay guy is going for the physique of Adonis, the personality of a worm and the intelligence of a rat. How dull have we become?

Source by Andrew Blade

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