Duck On a Pond Demeanor

One of my favorite analogies out there is the “duck on a pond” analogy. Basically, on the surface, the duck looks calm and serene. Under the water, however, the feet are kicking endlessly. What is seen on the surface is completely opposite of what is going on if we dig a little deeper. The duck is doing the hard work needed to get the job done, which is to remain afloat, but is portraying a calm presence. How this translates to mankind relates completely to our outward demeanor. Regardless of the emotions and thoughts going on in one’s head, the outward appearance should remain calm. Anger, frustration, happiness, sadness or excitement can all be portrayed in similar fashion through our demeanor. When something needs to get accomplished, portray yourself as the duck on the pond.

When we are in a variety of situations where something needs to be accomplished, whether it is a task, work deadline, or an emergency situation, all sorts of thoughts and emotions run through our mind. These thoughts and emotions cause us to express ourselves outwardly in all sorts of ways. Certainly, emergency situations give us an adrenaline rush and we move much faster. When we need to meet a deadline at work, we become more focused. Whatever the situation, we must always keep a demeanor which is calm and centered. We can be highly emotional and erratic on the inside, and still keep the same demeanor on the outside. This helps to create an atmosphere of trust and also helps keep things organized. When we have a calm demeanor on the outside, it keeps those around us calm and not sporadic. In a composed environment, people are able to think more clearly and perform necessary tasks.

In order to maintain a calm demeanor, do your best not to show your inner emotions on the outside. There’s no real hard and fast rule on how to do it. Some good techniques include deep breathing to help put ourselves at ease. The practice of keeping a calm demeanor certainly comes easier for some people than others based on personality types. Some people are just more naturally calm than others. The bottom line is keeping a calm demeanor is created by being composed on the outside despite whatever emotions are occurring on the inside. It is just something that needs to be done so figure out the best way to do it for you.

In any situation where important work needs to be completed, remember to stay composed on the outside as it creates a calm environment for yourself and others. Remember how the duck on the pond looks calm above water, while the legs are kicking continuously below the water. Portray a calm demeanor on the outside despite what it going on inside.

Source by Ankit S

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