Duck Hunt – Get Your Crosshair Set On The Duck?

The first hunting game which was developed happened back in the 1980 which was named Duck Hunt. It was made for Nintendo game systems and it was the 1st of its type "back in those times". The game requires a special controller which looked like a pistol and you would be shooting ducks with a light which was programmed for responding the system. From the 1st day when Duck Hunt came to the arena, it became very popular with gaming people.

The graphics in the Duck Hunt were basic, especially if we compare it to what we enjoy today. You were given an outdoor setting with some trees, bushes and stuff and these ducks will come into the picture from lots of angles such that you may shoot them up. You also have another choice; you can also shoot clay pigeons in Duck Hunt. You would be accompanied by one nameless hunting dog which would clap when you get a bird and will laugh if you miss one.

As you become better in shooting those ducks, you will move up stages in Duck Hunt till the 99th stage. As with earlier video games, there was no proper ending to tell of in the Duck Hunt. After one player has advanced to stage 99, the next stage will be 00. At this stage, you will hear the wing's flapping, but no ducks will emerge. After 10 non-duck appearances, this game might end. Another version of the game shows a dog laughing in the starting of round "0" (not level "00"). These ducks then appear randomly behind [the background] rather than flying in the usual manner; this phenomenon happens thrice. Then the dog will be laughing till "game over" appears.

There were very less reviews done on Duck Hunt, but when it was initially very popular with gamers in the early time, critics weren't big fans of these. One critic suggested that while this game is fun for a very short time, but it became old after some stages. Even so, players loved the way Duck Hunt was especially with a special gun controller as it simulated real time duck hunting.

Though Duck Hunt wasn't especially advanced, it was during the time it was fought and it is the basis of some duck hunting games we possess today. Computer programmers have discovered very new technologies and have applied them for video games such that now these choices include realistic environments, weapon choices, and many advanced levels which make these games very challenging. Duck Hunt started as a video game craze and helped for continuing, even today.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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