Duck Decoy Types

If one of your hobbies is collecting decoys, then one of the biggest questions is: which ones should you choose? To help you decide which ducks you should add to your collection, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding about the different species that are featured via decoys. Here are some of the most common ones that you can choose from:

1. Big Marsh Black Duck

These decoys from Loon Lake are fantastic. They feature the natural colors of the bird, immaculate details, and a realistic pose. This representation of a Mallard is coupled with a certificate of authenticity. That will give any decoy collector the confidence that he or she is purchasing a decoy that’s a genuine original. This piece is a perfect addition to any collection, so you’ll be eager to display it proudly throughout your home or office.

2. Flying Ducks Pintail

This is another excellent addition for those interested in collecting decoys. It’s a mounted, handcrafted resin piece. The decoy features the natural hues of the duck, and is a realistic duplicate of the original wood carving from Loon Lake’s master crafters. The piece includes a certificate of authenticity, providing you with confidence that you’ve purchased a genuine piece.

Besides the exquisite detail of the piece, the action pose causes this decoy to fly from the wetlands, into your home. This is a limited edition piece based on the creation of Sam Nottleman. It’s the ideal present for both hunters and birdwatchers.

3. Mallard

This duck is plentiful in the Northern hemisphere, and actually is the ancestor of the majority of domestic ducks today. One of the most common mallards is the Drake. Its unmistakable markings include a shiny green or purple head, and a red breast. Various other sub-species of the Mallard exist, and live throughout Northern North America, Europe, and Asia.

4. Pintail

This is another must-have piece for anyone who’s collecting decoys. This piece honors what was once the most abundant duck throughout North America. However, a decline in grasslands and continuous droughts has significantly reduced the species’ population. Loon Lake decoys honors this “Greyhound of the Air&”, with this lovely decoy. The duck earned this nickname due to its lengthy central tail feathers. In fact, these features comprise a fourth of the bird’s total body length!

5. Wood Duck

The wood duck is a common bird found in many urban areas. It’s typically 19 inches long, with a wingspan of 29 inches. The wood duck typically weighs just 1.25 pounds. Male wood ducks feature green crests and heads, purple breasts, and bluish backs. Meanwhile, the females are a duller hue, and feature an “eye patch”, in the shape of a white teardrop. Wood ducks create nests out of areas such as previous woodpecker holes.

These decoys from Loon Lake represent form the most attractive and fascinating ducks in the world. The pieces’ breathtaking beauty and exquisite detail accurately pay tribute to the various ducks in the wild. Adding one or all of them will certainly increase the aesthetic and monetary value of your decoy collection!

Source by Gregg Downs

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