Drink Green Tea for a Gorgeous New You

Okay, I might be spreading it on a little thick there. The truth is that green tea isn’t going to miraculously turn you from an ugly duckling to a supermodel overnight. But it can do these things:

o It helps your gums stay healthy so your teeth don’t fall out.

o It prevents cavities and bad breath.

o It helps you look young by smoothing out your wrinkles and by reducing damage to your skin from UV rays.

o And it helps you lose weight.

Now, lest you think these things aren’t important, think about this: when was the last time you saw an overweight person with black teeth, missing teeth, wrinkles, and bad breath, and thought, “Man, they’re HOT!”

I think I’ve made my point.

It’s all true, though, I’m not making this up. It turns out that humble old green tea can do all kinds of wonderful things for you to help keep you beautiful.

Here are some of the things that green tea researchers have found:

o Acids and bacteria in your mouth are the main causes of periodontal disease (soft, bleeding gums). Green tea contains “catechins.” Catechins keep the acids in check and they prevent the bacteria from reproducing. The result: your gums stay nice and healthy and pink, and your teeth stay in.

o Cavities and bad breath are caused by the same things (acids and bacteria)… So the catechins in green tea fight cavities and bad breath, as well.

o The Vitamin C in green tea helps your gums heal.

o Catechins aren’t just for killing bacteria and getting rid of acids. They also reactivate dying skin cells! That makes them very good for smoothing out wrinkles.

o Green tea contains anti-oxidants (cancer-fighters) that reduce the damage that the UV light in normal sunlight does to your skin. This slows down the aging process and helps you look younger, longer.

o Finally, if you’re like 2/3 of people in “modern” society, you’re concerned about your weight. Well, green tea can help you keep it under control. It’s those darned catechins, again. They help decrease body fat and speed up fat oxidation. Studies also show that the theanine and caffeine in green tea combine to help keep your body from making more body fat.

Of course, you have to use common sense with this. You can’t suck on lollipops all day long and drink a cup of green tea and expect it to protect you from cavities. Likewise, you can’t eat a steady diet of doughnuts and pork products and just drink a cup of green tea and expect to not get fat.

The best way to go is to take care of yourself by eating right, exercising, brushing your teeth… Yada, yada, you’ve heard this all before. But you might want to add a new habit to all of that.

You can start drinking green tea every day. A little green tea drinking session can be your you-time. Your time to relax. Your time to refresh yourself. Not only will it help you stay sane, but it may help you stay beautiful.

Source by Hazel Tan

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