Dreaming of Swans: The True Beauty and Power Within Self!

Swans are such beautiful and graceful birds that can show up in our dreams as a symbol for inward reflection to discover our true beauty. Seeing the truth of who we are fosters greater self-love and that acceptance of self rides upon the wings of the swan into our dreamscape.

The cycle of power for swans is winter, this is the time that the swan nests. Winter is symbolically a time for hibernation and inward reflection; a time when our true beauty and power can be revealed to us. This is the greatest message that the swan brings to us for after nesting during the winter when new life has been created and nurtured, the spring brings forth the emergence of this new life into the physical world.

The young of swans are called cygnets. The word cygnet comes from the Latin word Cygnus meaning swan and the French suffix et – meaning little as in swanlings or little swan. Cygnets of the black swan (Cygnus atratus) have light grey down while their feet and bill are dark grey. The black swan is unique to Australia and her eastern most sister, New Zealand, but they were hunted to extinction there and had to be reintroduced from Australian stock. Swans are the largest members of the duck family (Anatidae) and are among the largest of flying birds. The swans long graceful neck is one if its distinguishing features. I see this as a symbol of bringing the truth of the highest realms down into the heart with grace, fluidity and beauty to be radiated out to the lower worlds. A beautiful symbol of the Divinity within each of us.

The swan’s bill is very sensitive so that it may feel underwater for food. If swan is appearing to you in dreams it may be a sign of the heightening of your own emotional sensitivities or a sign that you will be bringing higher truths to our planet once you emerge from the immature ugly duckling stage to the graceful state of mastery and full recognition of your own true beauty and power.

In the Northern Hemisphere swans are pure white (except for the bills and feet) but Australia has both – like a balanced yin/yang. The black swan utters a far reaching musical bugle-like sound when swimming or flying. It also has a repertoire of soft crooning sounds and it can whistle. There is a mute swan in America so named because it loses its voice upon maturity. A great reminder of mastery through silence or reaching the Divine through silence, while black swan shows us too that we must speak up at times to be heard. If both appear in your dream it may mean that you need to master the wisdom of when to speak and when to remain silent.

Swans are monogamous birds and mate for life, a life which may span up to 80 years. Each year they return to the same nest to mate and lay eggs which both parents tend to equally. If the swan is appearing in your dreams it may be showing you to balance your own masculine/feminine energies? Retreat to a familiar place where you will feel safe and be able to nurture new ideas and creations and bring them forth. The swan can have so many meanings that it requires deep investigation when it appears in your dreams for with it, it carries a message from the Divine without to the Divine within.

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