Do You Want to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back? Make Him Miss You Really Bad Or the Game is Over!

You are sitting here crying a river of tears and moaning how much you love your ex boyfriend. You need help so bad on how to get him back. How do you live without him? Learn how to make him miss you. So stop crying and get off the couch!

Have you texted, emailed, or called him yet? Not yet? Good job! It is a very bad idea as he is probably upset with you. So, he will see you are not being a desperate, clingy person.

You are actually in mourning. A relationship is like death when it is over. So, do not contact each other. Women are more fragile than men. They are really more emotional in a relationship. So, you could give yourself a complete breakdown.

You just need to get yourself under control and centered again. Look at your face. You are developing wrinkles and worry lines. Even your friends can see something is going on and they are getting worried. They will even tell your ex this!

Start cleaning yourself up, redoing your nails, getting your hair cut and back in order, and most importantly putting your face back together. Not just makeup repair the damage you have done! When your friends and family start seeing you care about yourself again, they will be relieved and happy that you are finding yourself again.

Then, you can start having some real fun by going out. Don’t stay home all the time. Have some personal time with a new hobby, but do not neglect your friends and family.

Don’t worry, your ex has been hearing all about your transformation from an ugly duckling. He will be so glad you are back and will declare how much he missed you and how stupid he was for leaving you! The no contacting each worked like a charm!

Source by Ilona Benes

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