Audrey Hepburn Fashion – Sense And Sensibility

Big dark glasses, a string of pearls, a long black dress. The actress Audrey Hepburn put this total look on the fashion map in the opening scene of the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's". But her sense of style has stamped every movie she has been in. Whether as a princess on the lam in her Oscar-winning role in "Roman Holiday" or as a chauffeur's daughter sent off to Paris to turn her duckling into swan, glamor-wise in her title role "Sabrina". Audrey Hepburn instinctively knew which of her features to highlight – her eyes, her long neck, her lovely shoulder bones, even her cool voice that seems like her mouth is stuffed with mints.

It's no wonder women of all ages are inspired by her classic sense of style. Who doesn't want to look like their style icon? Certain fashion variations have been named after her, that the Audrey style collection is very much present and still influences the fashion choices of today.

Of course, the little black dress or LBD is still a wardrobe staple and anyone who wears this with an elegant string of pearl necklace would easily be reminded of her famed movie set in New York. Accessorize like Audrey with oversized sunglasses, a crystal tiara with Swarovski elements and a pair of white gloves to complete the outfit. These classic accessories are easy to find and you can instantly incarnate the glamorous party girl character of Holly Golightly.

A bright white smile and a confident posture completes the look. One reason why Audrey made such an impression in the fashion world is because of her natural physique and optimism in life. Because no matter what clothes you wear, eternal beauty starts from within.

Source by Shelly Frisco

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