4 Easy Steps to Writing Killer Ad Copy

1. The Fear Factor

2.The Wow Factor

3.The Funny Factor

4. What’s in it for me?

An Ad can make or break your business. This alone can be the difference between making $500 dollars a month and $5000 dollars a month. Let’ talk about techniques that will help you pull in those prospects. In my examples I will use Google AdWords style ads but the techniques we discuss can be applied to almost any online text ads – pay per click, organic, directory listings etc.

There is psychology behind advertising. You have to play on people’s emotions to get a good response. One technique you can use to do this is what I call the fear factor. Example: If a web surfer typed in the keyword phrase “Google AdWords” here is how the fear factor could come into play.

1.) The Fear Factor

Is AdWords a Scam?

Don’t spend a dime on AdWords

until you have read this report.


Do you see why this technique is called the fear factor? The net surfer is afraid they could be getting ripped off by AdWords. If they aren’t using AdWords yet they are afraid their plan to use AdWords could fail because it is a scam. This technique not only invokes fear but curiosity as well. The ad could trigger questions in the surfer such as “Oh no. Is AdWords a scam?” or “is AdWords worth my time, effort and money?”

Another technique to grab the attention of the net surfer is called “The Wow Factor” It gets a reaction from the net surfer by using animated phrases.

2.) The Wow Factor

Your Website Sucks

Our professional designers will

transform that ugly duckling.


Can you see why this technique is called “The Wow Factor”? It should surprise the surfer.

Another technique is the funny factor. Humor can really catch a net surfer’s eye and pull them in to your website.

3.) The Funny Factor

Like to drink?

I am not as think as

you drunk I am.


The above ad might be a little over the top. I am not sure if Google or any other search engine would let you away with it, but I am sure you get the point.

One of the most used and effective ad techniques is the good old fashioned ad that states the benefits your website has to offer. A net surfer always wants to know….

4.) What’s in it for me?

Cheap Hypnosis CD

Order any self hypnosis CD or

tape and get the second free.


Obviously if you have a buy one get one free or a free shipping deal you have to honor it. I recommend capitalizing every word in the title. You can also play with capitalization in your ad’s body. Try the same ad but capitalize every word. E.g.:

Cheap Hypnosis CD

Order Any Self Hypnosis CD Or

Tape And Get The Second Free.


Don’t forget to split test. Put one ad against the other, keep the winner and edit or discard the loser. Put another ad against the winner. It is a good idea to only split test 2 ads at a time. I hope these techniques help, good luck in your advertising endeavors.

Source by Robert Walter

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